Exciting Day…Book Now in Print!

Hi everyone!

After working on the project for five years, “The Last Ride in to Readville” is in print and available to order from the publisher, “LULU.com.”  Here’s the link!


Lulu is a “publish on demand” independent publisher.  As books are ordered, they are printed within 3-5 business days and promptly shipped.

The book is available in 6×9 paperback and also as an eBook.

In 4-6 weeks the book will also be available in paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other on-line bookstores.

E-books will also be available then on Kindle. Amazon, and many other e-book sites as well.

Thanks to each and every one of you for following the book’s progress and reading my posts!  It means a lot, and I hope if you do purchase the book, you leave an honest review on the site where you may have purchased the book!  Much appreciate that!  I’ll continue posting here, and widen the content to discuss the book, family and psychology issues, and other topics!

Final Book Cover for Post

5 thoughts on “Exciting Day…Book Now in Print!

    1. Morning Gail! – Hope this finds you well! Sorry I missed you when you stopped by my building recently. Don Gamache gave me your contact number and EM. I replied by EM but not sure it made its way to you or perhaps he garbled it (Gail_Simon@yahoo.com)? Just scrolling through comment here and thought I’d drop you a note. Take care and hope to catch up soon :)….Best! Mike


  1. Mike,
    Congratulations on completing your book! I am halfway through and I applaud your writing. I vividly remember meeting and knowing you 38 years ago, in our Air Force. As you came back, for that last ride, it is in an honor, to still be in touch with you and know you better. God has given you a talent in writing …Keep Going Strong!!

    God Bless.

    Keith M. Taylor


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