Many Thanks!

Boudreau Book Cover ALCGood morning!

Well it’s been about a month since the book launch, and I’m so grateful and humbled by your response thus far–thank you!

LOTS of people have written or remarked saying how cathartic the experience of writing and releasing such a story must have been.  Although in the preface I do add a disclaimer of a sort that catharsis was not a primary goal in telling the tale, I have to admit, now that I’m taking a breath, that sharing the story with others did let some residual air out of my psychological balloon that I didn’t realize was still there.  Childhood memory is powerful stuff!

People are also asking me, so what’s the next story?

Got a few ideas churning, both memoir and fiction, that surround territory I’m most familiar with–family dynamics, social psychology, personal growth through experience and relationships, good and bad, etc.  As usually happens with me and writing, one “aha” moment will arise, and off I go!  Will keep all posted.  I’m also open to any ideas anyone out there might have through a personal experience that may have been deep and impactful.  Not sharing the details, of course, but more the general story–perhaps one that you feel may be relatable or resonate with the rest of us.

I’m so grateful for all the feedback I’ve received so far, much of it by people who DO emphasize, somewhat sadly, how relatable the story is to their own saying things like “I could have written that book.”

As for the story, I’d love for readers to comment here on the blog on any part of the book that may have touched you in a certain way, or to simply get clarity or context about a particular passage.

It would also be greatly and humbly appreciated if any readers are inclined to leave an honest review of the book on any of the platforms where the book is available:

And of course if you recommend the book to friends or family, it may also be purchased at those sites as well!

Going forward, I’ll be posting excerpts/passages from the book, and talk about some of the back stories to the stories in the book.  Some of that will be based on questions I’ve already been asked, and from things I’d like to further offer readers.

Again, many thanks to all, and please comment away!


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