Locus of Control…What is that again?

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Once again, I’m extremely thankful to so many out there who’ve supported my book and all of the kind comments and feedback provided thus far!  It’s been a bit over a month, and I’m humbled and grateful to all!  Book is now available from the publisher at:

And also Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Ingram Books, and many other platforms.

Just google my name :)..

If you do read the book, your on-line review would be also greatly appreciated!

I’ve had many interesting questions and comments from readers relating to how it is so many children growing up in the same household can have so many different outcomes as adults.  Of the many reasons why this might be so, one psychological principle I mention in the book is called “locus of control,” where we have either an internal or external belief surrounding our ability to control our own destiny, as it were.

Here’s a great article from Psychology Today that gives a brief, but solid overview of this idea.  Enjoy!



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