Hyde Park Homecoming!

Happy Saturday everyone!

It was a busy February marketing my book, “The Last Ride In To Readville,” punctuated by a wonderful opportunity to give a presentation/reading of the book on the 27th of February to the Fairmount Hill Neighborhood Association–courtesy of Mr. Joe Smith of Fairmount Hill!

Fairmount Hill is a neighborhood, like Readville, that makes up a part of the overall neighborhood of Hyde Park, a part of the city of Boston.  The presentation was held at the Boston Police Academy on Williams Avenue, Hyde Park, and just a stone’s throw from Cleary Square, Hyde Park High School, and so many neighborhood places prominent in my high school years and in the book!

There was a wonderful turnout by Hyde Park/Readville residents that comprised a group of 50-60 people.  This was my first public presentation/reading event since the book was published, and it was extra special and enjoyable to do so in front of local residents who could relate so well to many of the settings and stories from the book.

I was also priviliged to have Ms. Mary Ellen Gambon, a reporter for the Boston Bulletin, Hyde Park Bulletin, and a freelance reporter for dozens of other publications.  She is also the Head Writer and Associate Editor at “It’s All About Arts Magazine.  I’d like to thank her for the awesome article she wrote about the presentation that was placed on the front page of the 03/05/20 issue of the Hyde Park Bulletin, and in the Boston Bulletin as well.  thanks to Mary Ellen, people from every neighborhood in Boston will have the opportunity to learn about the book!

FHNA Pic 2

Here’s a link, please check it out!


Many attendees stayed after to share their personal family stories and how the book related in so many ways to so much of their childhood and growing up experiences, and to share memories of growing up in and around Hyde Park and Boston.  I also had the privilege to offer and personalize books to those interested as well!

Next up, I’ll be collaborating with Mary Ellen on an article for the “Its all About Art” magazine, and rescheduling a podcast with Jed Doherty, host of “Jedlies Reading With Your Kids,” nominated for an iHart radio award.


Check it out!

Reading With Your Kids

Lastly, so many thanks, as always to those who’ve purchased and read the book.  Your feedback means so very much, and please consider leaving a review if you can.  It goes so far to inform potential readers and increase exposure.

You can click on the “Leave a Review” tile at the top of the page, or go to Amazon.com and other platforms as well!

See you soon!

Click to access hydepark_bulletin_pages_1_to_16__05march2020.pdf

Click to access hydepark_bulletin_pages_1_to_16__05march2020.pdf

Click to access hydepark_bulletin_pages_1_to_16__05march2020.pdf

Click to access hydepark_bulletin_pages_1_to_16__05march2020.pdf


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